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Please visit Lin Culbertson’s sound site for more information on sound projects. Here are a few highlights.

Sound for “The Last Tree”

I created some apocalyptic synth drones for artist Babs Reingold’s installation The Last Tree which will be opening at the ISE CULTURAL CENTER on May 2nd. There will be an artist’s reception on May 10th.

“Daughter of the Wind” at Deep Wireless Festival

My sound piece Daughter of the Wind will be included in a concert as part of the Deep Wireless Festival organized by NAISA (New Adventures in Sound Art.) Daughter of the Wind incorporates recordings made during the height of Hurricane Sandy in New York City.

“Subharmonics” on NAISA compilation

My piece Subharmonics which is composed entirely of sounds recorded in the NYC subway system has been included in a compilation CD released in conjunction with the NAISA Deep Wireless festival of Radio & Transmission Art. Check out NAISA’s web site for information on all their various activities.
NAISA web site

“Five or More Radiating Points” for Absence of Wax net label

I am honored to be a part of the new net label started by supreme bass minimalist Devin Sarno. The label is called Absence of Wax. Visit, listen, and leave a comment if you feel so inclined.

“Alarming” at WPA Experimental Media Series

Since 2006, the Experimental Media Series has showcased the talents of artists working in sound and video art. This year’s selection of finalists’ works will present the leading edge in electronic media works.
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Music for The Shift on Discovery Network

Check out THE SHIFT on Investigative Discovery Network Sundays at 10:00. I contributed atmospheric background music to Season Two.


Some stuff we are doing and some stuff we like

  • Fire Music Kickstarter success!!

    13 Sep 0 Comments

    We reached our goal and then some for the Fire Music Kickstarter. This is an exciting time. Now we can get down to the nitty gritty of making this film. Many thanks to all the backers and supporters of this project.

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  • Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict

    19 Apr 0 Comments

    Lin has composed some music for this documentary film that is premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival Monday April 20th. The film is directed by Lisa Immordino Vreeland and produced by Submarine Entertainment. PEGGY GUGGENHEIM: ART ADDICT AT TRIBECA

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  • Fire Music Website Live

    19 Apr 0 Comments

    Tom’s documentary film about the history of the Free Jazz Revolution is now gearing up to launch a Kickstarter campaign. He has done over 25 interviews and shot many live performances by artist’s interviewed in the film. Visit the site for more info. FIRE MUSIC WEBSITE

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  • Video for Secret of the Hive at Circuit Bridges #3

    21 May 0 Comments

    Lin Culbertson’s video Secret of the Hive which is a response to the plight of bee colonies around the world is included in the concert series Circuit Bridges at MC Gallery in NYC on May 22nd. Here is a link to additional information: CIRCUIT BRIDGES You can also see it

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  • Poster for Performance

    07 Jan 0 Comments

    White Out will be performing with Thurston Moore as part of Thurston’s residency at The Stone on Sunday.

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  • Video of “The Street” performance now online

    14 Jul 0 Comments

    The entire performance of James Nares’s The Street performed by Tom Surgal and Thurston Moore is available for viewing on the Metropolitan Museum web site. Spectrum performance of The Street by Thurston Moore and Tom Surgal

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  • James Nares “The Street” performed by Thurston Moore and Tom Surgal

    26 Apr 0 Comments

    This is a mesmerizing study of New York City street life in very slow motion. Tom and Thurston performed an awesome live soundtrack at the Metropolitan Museum last week. Check out the film on view on the second floor until the end of May. The Street at the MET

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  • Behind Enter the Void

    22 Mar 0 Comments

    The cinematography in this film is dazzling. Here’s how they did it.

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  • Instagram profile

    21 Nov 0 Comments

    Instagram has created their own nifty member profiles. You can check mine out here. lin11c  

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  • Brothers Quay at MOMA doesn’t disappoint

    26 Aug 0 Comments

    I love this photo of the Quay Brothers. I saw the Street of Crocodiles yesterday and it is a masterpiece of animation. The photography in that film is so beautiful. Although the sound bleeding in from the other films playing nearby kind of ruined it. Come on MOMA. Street of

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  • The world of infographics

    26 Aug 0 Comments

    I never thought infographics would be my thing, but this beautifully printed and extensive collection runs the gamut from subway maps to a visualization of the all the people who have ever lived. Mind-boggling stuff. Taschen Information Graphics

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  • Living in the Treetops

    03 Aug 0 Comments

    I happened upon this article about a village in the trees in Costa Rica. I think it’s time to plan for a visit. How This Colorado Couple Built a Spectacular Treehouse Village in Costa Rica

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